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Macrame ampel (various colors)

Macrame ampel (various colors)

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A beautiful cord ampel handmade by Helmiapila using the macrame technique, with a decorative two-part braid all the way and a sturdy hanging loop. It forms a balanced and decorative whole together with the plant and the pot.

A variety of green plants and flowers, as well as delicious herbs, are suitable for ampel. Drooping and profusely sprawling plants are at their best in an ampel, hanging freely. Ampel is a great option even when there is little table space or a plant would be good
keep out of the reach of pets or small children.

Choose the colour of the ampel according to your decor or your favourite colour. The colour palette includes a selection of good basic colours, from clear to more serene.

Material: Made entirely of Finnish recycled cotton yarn (20% polyester to increase wear resistance).

Size: Length 70cm measured from the top edge of the hanging loop to the knot under the pot.

Cleaning: If necessary, you can gently clean the ampel by hand in 30C water with a dilute washing solution. Rinse thoroughly and lightly shape into shape. Dry on an airy surface. No stretching or chafing.

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