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LapLay / HeiDidi

Lap tray, LapLay Original (various colors)

Lap tray, LapLay Original (various colors)

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LapLay lap pads are durable, ecological and multi-purpose pads for a laptop or tablet. Thanks to durable and high-quality materials, the products can withstand years of use. LapLay products are designed and manufactured by hand in Finland.

The Laplay Original lap top is a great option when working with a laptop somewhere other than at a desk. You can break away from the desk to work on the sofa, terrace, porch, for example.

In the lap trayl, the cover is flat and hard. With the help of formable cushions, you can adjust the slope of the level.

Includes the supplier's (Lumonia Oy) 12-month functional warranty from the date of purchase.

Materials: Wood plywood, styrox grit.
Fabric: 51% PES, 34% PO, 15% CO. Oeko-Tex and Reach certified.

Styrox grit:
The LapLay Original lap top contains EPS grit (l. styrox grit), which is:

  • Non-toxic material: Contains 2% plastic and 98% air
  • Very environmentally friendly: No CFC compounds are used (and have not been used) in the production, completely recyclable
  • In Finland, for example, EPS can be burned in a sufficiently air-conditioned space; combustion wastes are carbon dioxide CO2, carbon monoxide (carbon monoxide) CO, water H2O and soot. Combustion does not produce sulfur or heavy metals. Toxic emissions are lower than, for example, in cardboard

Size: 45×37 cm (M)

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