Kinkeri - Design jewelry made of wood

Kinker's jewelry is based on various beautiful wood surfaces and abstract design. Simple things in the right corner - they create interesting and unique entities!

In the small pieces of Kinkeri's jewelry, the subtlest elements of wood surfaces come to the fore. The material of Kinkeri jewelry, or Kinkers, is thin plywood, which is made for this jewelry. Side streams from the veneer industry are used in the production of the material. Some of the veneers come from the veneer factory's older warehouse.

You can find olive wood, walnut, ash and technical veneers on the surfaces of the jewelry. The core of all wooden parts is birch. The surface is also oil-waxed for better durability. Oil wax protects the surface from dirt and, for example, the effects of cosmetics. The metal parts are made of stainless steel, as allergy-free and durable as possible.

Kinkeri's jewelry is designed and manufactured in Lahti and Hollola.