Kaarnavilla's store

Kaarnavilla's store


You can find the serving Kaarnavilla gift shop in Turku at Kupittaa.

Address : Itäinen Pitkäkatu 3A, 20500 Turku

Kaarnavilla's idyllic brick-and-mortar store, serving gift boutique, is located in Kupittaa in Turku. In Kaarnavilla's store you can find all the products of Kaarnavilla's online store and in addition to live shopping, you can pick up online store orders free of charge from Kaarnavilla's store.

The opening hours of the Kaarnavilla store vary slightly from week to week, but we are mainly open from Tuesday to Friday, and at least every other Saturday except for holidays.

Below you can find Kaarnavilla's current opening hours:

Opening hours : Vary weekly

SATURDAY 4.5. 11-14

SUN 5.5. Closed

Mon 6.5. 14-18

TUESDAY 7.5. 12-17

WED 8.5. 13-18

THU 9.5. Closed - Epiphany

FRI 10.5. 11-15

SATURDAY 11.5. 11-14

We always update the following week's opening hours no later than the previous weekend.


Virtual tour in the store

Is Turku too far, and you can't stop by Kaarnavilla's home on our doorstep? No worries, below you will find the virtual Kaarnavilla store created by Virtual space. You can also get to know the feel of Kaarnavilla's gift shop with the help of the virtual tour below.

Click here for a virtual tour.


Do you want to contact us?

The fastest way to reach us is via email info@kaarnavilla.fi or on social media @kaarnavilla.fi. You can also use the contact form found on the website.

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