Corporate gifts made in Finland make you stand out

Does your company or organization need quality customer gifts or thank you gifts for staff? Let us help.

Every product of Kaarnavilla's corporate gifts is made in Finland

Did you know that there is not a single product in Kaarnavilla's selection that was not designed and manufactured in Finland? This is also an advantage for you as a gift buyer - the gift you give is guaranteed to have been produced in Finland.

The Kaarnavilla family currently includes almost a hundred Finnish entrepreneurs with their products. Therefore, Kaarnavilla's corporate gifts can be fully customized to meet the customer's wishes - both in terms of budget and content.

If you want, we will do everything for you

For us at Kaarnavilla, a memorable customer experience is important for both consumer and business customers. We want to help the customer exactly as much as the customer needs help - if you wish, we can plan, make and mail your company gift for you. Or we can only do one of these steps, i.e. act completely according to your wishes.

How does Kaarnavilla's corporate gift service work?

The purchase of Kaarnavilla's corporate gifts can be an individual, monthly or annual service for you - you only pay for the gifts you order and their delivery. The design service is free of charge.

So how do you succeed in ordering business gifts? Get tips from the following steps:

  1. Think about the customer group/personnel to whom the gifts are going: Describe in a few sentences what kind of gift recipient it would be.
  2. Think about your budget. Indicate the exact budget / gift or give a price range within which the gift should be.
  3. Think about how you want your company to appear in the gift - do you want your logo or some other identifier for the gift.
  4. Think about which work steps you wish to outsource and what you want to do yourself (e.g. mailing, packaging, etc.)
  5. Write down any other wishes you may have, such as a delivery schedule.

When these things have been considered, you can contact us using the form below or by e-mail at info(a) When we receive your contact, we will get down to business. We will contact you with suitable gift package suggestions and an offer. You can still request changes at this stage or accept the offer directly. After this, we will take care of our own share!

Stand out to your advantage and choose Kaarnavilla's corporate gifts. You support Finnish production, entrepreneurship and act as a responsible and exemplary operator.

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