The story behind Kaarnavilla

Päivi and Jesse - Kaarnavilla entrepreneurs

In Kaarnavilla, things are done differently

The idea of ​​an online store for Finnish products was born in the everyday conversations of two craft enthusiasts, that is us, Päivi and Jesse. We have always valued Finnish production and entrepreneurship, but our experience was that somehow this combo should be branded even more in line with its own value.

We got to know the online stores serving the market, where products designed or manufactured in Finland were sold. However, in our opinion, something was still missing. We got the idea that we could do something differently, maybe even better, and at the same time something that is not yet on the market.

1. We wanted to start building an online store with one unified brand even if there were numerous manufacturers.

2. We wanted every product in the online store to meet the values ​​we set for the online store.

3. We wanted the customer not to have to think for a moment whether the product is really Finnish.

4. We absolutely did not want a traditional market place, but a stylish and modern shopping place that shines with design.

We still had to come up with a suitable name for the online store. The name was considered for several days. One day, however, the right one was found:

"Some name that would combine both home and some handicraft material...
Kaarnaville! Is that descriptive? It would be like wool, i.e. a cottage, and at the same time wool, that material! And the bark - that describes the tree very well!"

This is how the idea of ​​Kaarnavilla - Home of Finnish products was born.

Value-based operations

Kaarnavilla's operations are strongly guided by a value base. Our values ​​are closeness to nature, quality, Finnishness and serenity.The value base of the online store was born as if by itself, when two like-minded entrepreneurs thought about which things should guide our operations.

When the idea of ​​an online store became clear, suitable product suppliers were also needed for the store, with whom the world of values ​​would meet. Now, in May 2023, more than 60 Finnish companies are already involved.

From the suppliers' products, the products that fit Kaarnavilla's brand are carefully selected - to the customer, the online store looks like one brand, even though there are many different entrepreneurs involved. The customer receives the products of Finnish producers from the same place with one postage fee. The customer does not have to guess whether the product is Finnish or not, because all Kaarnavilla products are Finnish. The product selection covers a wide variety of products for babies, children and adults.

Kaarnavilla didn't come out of nowhere

We didn't have to build Kaarnavilla's story from scratch. Päivi already had almost four years of craft entrepreneurship behind him, and an opportunity jumped out from the networks that we couldn't refuse.

In February 2023, we got the opportunity to buy an already existing marketplace for Finnish products - the messenger of Finnish handicraft,, was for sale.

It was clear to us from the beginning that Nearby's journey would continue seamlessly as part of Kaarnavilla's online store. That's how we jumped into the shoes of the entrepreneurs of and set out to continue and renew the work that the previous owners started wonderfully. The former owners of Nearby, Webstory's Tuula and Tiia , described their goal when Nearby started operating as follows:

" We love unique, handmade products. The importance of locally produced ecological products for consumers is growing all the time - domestic products just need to be made better known to people. Our mission is to make domestic products easy to find and buy online."

And we can still share this same mission. We want to make it clear to you customers that your choices matter.

Cooperation with other entrepreneurs creates something tangible
synergy and opportunities

At Kaarnavilla, our suppliers don't just deliver products, but together form the Kaarnavilla family. And the above already brings tears to the corners of the eyes when you think about how many entrepreneurs trusted us and joined the new online store even before its opening!

From the beginning, we have wanted to do many things differently than "normally" in Kaarnavilla. For us, cooperation with suppliers is much more than just selling products. For us, these wonderful entrepreneurs are a community that we want to hold on to, because we greatly value the work that Kaarnavilla's editors do for Kaarnavilla. Without journalists, there would be no Kaarnavilla.

For us, entrepreneurs don't see each other as competitors, but as a network, the power of which acts as a springboard for all of us towards success!

Nowadays, we are also actively involved in entrepreneur networks. We can proudly state that we are members of Suomen Yrittägi, Entrepreneurs of Finland Proper, and Entrepreneurs of Turku.

In November 2023, the first brick-and-mortar store

As Kaarnavilla turned half a year old, the idea of ​​owning a brick-and-mortar store became clearer. We wanted to open a store in a place in our own hometown, Turku, where there was no similar store focused on gifts and everyday objects yet.

We found the perfect store space for us in an idyllic house built in the 19th century. Our store is located at Itäinen Pitkäkatu 3A, 20500 Turku.

The opening hours of Kaarnavilla's store vary from week to week. You can find the current opening hours on the website and social media.

With love for Finnish craftsmanship and entrepreneurship,

Päivi and Jesse,
Double Effect Oy

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