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Good Night Keeper bunny, Children's room door guard (various colors)

Good Night Keeper bunny, Children's room door guard (various colors)

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This adorable little bunny is Picla's newest product. The Good Night Keeper bunny was created to guard the door of the Children's Room - it has many important tasks to help the little one sleep.

We must have heard the phrase "Can you leave the door open?" from a child's mouth. This pair of Good Night Keeper door stoppers keeps the children's room door open, but at the same time prevents the effect of air flow - the door can't rattle or slam shut completely.

The Good Night Keeper is attached to both sides of the door, to the door handle, with the help of loops attached to the bunny. The loops should be "stretched" a little, so that the bunny can be placed comfortably. At the door, the bunny also provides security as a "doorkeeper", not to mention how a dear toy friend it can become for the little one.

Material and product information:
The yarn is 100% cotton.
Hand wash at 30 degrees. Flat drying.
A broken product must be removed from use.
CE marking.

If you want a different character, contact .

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