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Saima Visuals

Ilona hairpins, birch plywood (2 pcs)

Ilona hairpins, birch plywood (2 pcs)

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The hair pins made by Saima Viusals have a playful daisy pattern. Hairpins suitable for summer vibes are skillfully made from domestic birch.

There are two pins in the package.

Saima Visuals hairpins are designed and manufactured in Finland.

  • Material: The wooden parts of the hairpins are birch plywood and the metal parts are surgical steel. A jewelry glue that does not irritate the skin has been used for gluing.
  • Dimensions: approx. 2 cm x 6 cm
  • Care instructions:
  • The plywood surface is poorly resistant to moisture and chemical products, so please remove the pins before showering, sauna or swimming and add them to the hair only after applying the styling products. Also protect the pins from direct sunlight.
  • If necessary, clean lightly with a dry cloth.
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