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Ateljee Aamun Sarastus

Fabric crown, adjustable (various colors)

Fabric crown, adjustable (various colors)

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This Ateljee Aamun Sarastus Fabric Crown is suitable for both children and adults, as it has wonderfully silky-feeling adjustment bands. The crown is soft, and you don't have to take it off immediately when the first party guests arrive, because it doesn't weigh down and thus disturb the celebrant.

Features :

The crown made of muslin fabric is perfect for a princess or a prince, for a party or everyday life. The crowns are great for games and masquerades, as well as decorating the Children's Room and props for the birthday hero for photography.

Crowns are available in four different color options: Yellow, light pink, old pink and light blue.

On the back of the crowns there are tying bands, which make it easy to adjust the size of the crown. The crown is around 48cm in circumference at its smallest.



The gold polka dot fabric cannot withstand direct contact with an iron or washing at more than 40 degrees.

Pictures taken in the studio of children with crowns on their heads by Niina Töyrylä.

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