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Permanent filter bags, 2 pcs/box

Permanent filter bags, 2 pcs/box

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With Nieko's durable filter bags made of raw linen, you replace the use of paper filter bags! The package contains 2 permanent filter bags.

  1. Boil the permanent filter bags carefully before use!
  2. Use permanent filter bags in exactly the same way as paper ones.
  3. After use, the coffee grounds are poured into bio waste and the bag is rinsed with warm water to remove the coffee fats.
  4. Wring out most of the water, shape the bag into its own shape and set it to dry.
  5. The filter bag does not need to be dry before the next use.

Maintenance instructions:

Permanent filter bags are maintained by boiling them from time to time. The use of detergents and machine washing is not recommended, so as not to leave detergent residues in the bag. With proper maintenance, permanent filter bags last for a long time.

Material: 100% raw linen
The permanent filter bags have been subject to the food contact material declaration required by the food authorities.
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