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Näre Cosmetics

Birch shampoo bar, 70g

Birch shampoo bar, 70g

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Näre Birch shampoo bar / Local birch shampoo bar

Näre Cosmetics has combined fresh organic juice, delicate mouse ears from an organic forest, nourishing green clay and oils - this is how the original Finnish birch shampoo bar was born. It is suitable for normal hair and also for the whole body. Also suitable for vegans.

  • Green clay treats irritated scalp
  • No added fragrances, so suitable for sensitive skin
  • Great for washing the entire body and hair
  • Lasting
  • Attending
  • Vegan

INCI: Sodium cocoate, sodium olivate, betula sp. sap (local, organic), sodium sunflowerate, glycerin, sodium rapeseedate (local, organic, Myssyfarmi / Finland), sodium castorate, Montmorillonite, Betula sp. leaf flour & extract (local, organic). Weight 70g

Coconut fat, olive oil, birch sap (organic), sunflower oil, glycerin, rapeseed oil (organic, Myssyfarm, Pöytyä), castor oil, green clay, birch leaf extract (organic).

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