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TR Leather Design

Customizable key ring with text, leather (custom product)

Customizable key ring with text, leather (custom product)

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The popular TR Leather design leather key chain is now available with text printing of your choice and choice . A wonderful gift idea!

Key rings made of leather by TR Leather Design bring style to key storage. The key chains are made of sturdy leather and a high-quality metal ring ensures that the keys stay neatly in the bundle.

Colors : Keychain available in light, brown and black.

Effect colors : cognac, green, blue, red, black, brown

Dimensions: the length with the key ring is about 12.5cm and the width is about 2.0cm

Key ring:
metal, inner diameter size is 24mm

vegetable-tanned cowhide, leather with the text is vegetable-tanned leather from Tärnsjö Garveri in Sweden, the effect color leather is also vegetable-tanned and comes from Puccini's tannery in Italy

Text : When ordering, state which text you want on the key chain: There can be a maximum of 9 letters. No special characters, letters Å, Ä and Ö are ok. You can inform us of the text either by e-mail or in the shopping basket stage of the order under additional information.

Note ! Preparation time about 1 week.

Effect color
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