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Picla Design

Nessa storage jar, acrylic resin, different colors

Nessa storage jar, acrylic resin, different colors

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The Nessa storage jar, which is a part of Picla Design's lovely pastel utility series, is ideal for storing pens, brushes or dried flowers, for example!

All vessels are hand-made by Picla Design, so the color shades vary uniquely.

Acrylic resin looks and feels wonderfully like ceramics!

Colors : Off-white, creamy white, old pink, pink, lavender, light green, light blue, salmon red

Material : 100% acrylic resin

Measurements : height 7cm, maximum width 8.5cm

Note . Each product is handmade and completely unique, so there may be variations in shades and color uniformity. There may be slight unevenness and small "holes" caused by air bubbles on the surface of the products.


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