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Pieni rakas -baby book, from infancy to school age

Pieni rakas -baby book, from infancy to school age

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Kirjasmiina's Pieni rakas -baby book can even be said to be the most versatile baby book on the market, which has charmed its users with its lovely and modern style.

The baby book is a high-quality, but above all, a comprehensive book to fill from baby to school age. Anti-scratch lamination has been added to the cover, so the book stays beautiful for longer.


The book is designed so that you don't have to keep returning to the pages to fill in things that happen at different times. Most of the pages can be filled in at least one sitting, and things proceed systematically in age order. That's what makes this baby book clear and unique.

The questions are formulated as low-threshold questions that are easy to answer, but there is also room for longer stories if desired.


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