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Corduroy hair donut (various sizes)

Corduroy hair donut (various sizes)

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Would you like a giant hair donut or a small and cute one? Here you can find both!

These corduroy hair donuts made from Monissa's high-quality and clean second-hand fabric are in a lovely dark baby pink color.

As a model, you can choose a small and narrow hair donut or a large and super wide one. The diameter of the small one without stretching is about 7.5 cm and the large one 15 cm.

Material :
Fabric 94% polyester, 4% polyamide, 2% elastane. Rubber band. Polyester sewing thread.

Note! Textiles come from flea markets and leftovers. The safety of the textile is ensured by freezing, airing and washing it with vegan eco-detergent and laundry vinegar. Information for those sensitive to smells and allergies: the product may contain allergens due to its second-hand origin.

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