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Would you like to know where Kaarnavilla's products actually come from? In the new blog series, we present the talented people behind the wonderful products. So there will be interesting stories from the world of domestic craft production! In the first part, Helykoru's editor Heini will speak.

Helykoruku - the pearl of domestic jewelry

Helykoru banner

Hello! Heini from Helykoru writes here! I am inspired by nature, an entrepreneurial craftsman. And those are the reasons why Helykoru was born one November evening in 2022. I had been dreaming of my own craft business for a long time, and now it was time to get down to business.
Helykoru is a new jewelry brand whose selection includes jewelry made from fine materials in Ylöjärvi. In jewelry, I use e.g. glass crystal, sterling silver, freshwater pearls and other beautiful and high-quality raw materials. I chose silver as the metal because I like precious metals. They rarely cause allergies or irritation symptoms and are also luxurious-looking and durable materials. Quality and domesticity are the cornerstones of Helykoru's operations, and most of the materials we use are ordered directly from domestic suppliers.
Helykoru Terttu earrings
The cooperation between Kaarnavilla and Helykoru started in March 2023. I am grateful and taken that Helykoru's first dealer is precisely Kaarnavilla. Both companies have similar values ​​and a mission to give domestic craftsmanship the visibility and appreciation it deserves.
I make Helykoru products at my home in Ylöjärvi Viljakkala. Someone might think that my workplace looks like the aftermath of a tornado, but I feel that all the things are conveniently within reach, in a nice pile 🤭 I get inspiration and ideas for jewelry by hiking in nature. In the forest, the mind rests and thoughts become clearer.
Helykoru crystal jewelry
I make the jewelry by hand with care and test the finished jewelry to make sure it can easily withstand everyday use. If for some reason the jewelry should break, you can contact me. I will definitely repair the piece of jewelry, if that's possible.
The best part of this job is jewelry design and satisfied customers! Without customers, I wouldn't be able to employ myself and realize my dream of creative entrepreneurship 🖤
Thanks also to Kaarnavilla for the excellent online store of domestic products.
Helykoru Heini

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