Make an impact with domestic business gifts

The topic of this article is why you should prefer domestic production when it comes to corporate gifts. Next, we list four good reasons why you should also get business gifts from domestic producers.

  1. Employment . Favoring domestic production helps support local jobs and employment. High employment is in everyone's interest, because it strengthens the national economy and financial stability, and this, in turn, secures the operational possibilities of your company.

  1. Economic growth . Related to the previous point, the preference for domestic products contributes to Finland's economic growth and supports the growth and success opportunities of domestic companies

  1. Environmental responsibility . Domestic products generally cause less environmental impact due to shorter transport distances. A responsible company takes environmental impacts into account in all its operations, including corporate gifts.

  1. Quality and safety . Domestic products must pass certain quality and safety standards, and in problem situations, help is closer and easier to get in Finnish. Corporate gifts represent the company, so you should choose them carefully from high-quality products.

Supporting domestic products and services is therefore not a simple consumption choice, but has far-reaching effects on the entire surrounding society. Responsibility is also an important part of the company's image.

In Kaarnavilla's selection, you can find the products of more than a hundred domestic entrepreneurs, among which you will surely find business gifts that fit your budget and needs. If necessary, we help with everything, from planning the gift to sending it - Contact us by e-mail at and we will solve all your gift problems.

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