Carefree hair care with Kaarnavilla's Helli hiuksiasi- package

On vacation, you are allowed to take it easy when it comes to exhausting hair care routines. 

However, the scorching sun, salty sea water, more frequent washing intervals and a tight bun that many of us use to get relief from the heat may harm your hair and the post-holiday hair crisis is ready. 

In order to avoid a hair crisis, Picla design joined forces with Veloide, the manufacturer of the super popular Hair ASAP hair oil, and the end result was The Helli hiuksiasi- package, with which you can say goodbye to bad hair day! 

The Helli hiuksiasi- package includes the phenomenal Veloide Hair ASAP hair oil and Picla Design's luxurious, cotton hair wrap.

So why we think that these products might be the best thing you can give your hair right now?

Veloide Hair ASAP oil is a completely natural, domestic scalp oil that:

  • Nourishes and moisturizes the scalp, promoting scalp health. This is the starting point for healthy, beautiful hair!
  • Strengthens brittle, sun-dried hair
  • Brings wonderful, healthy shine without artificial substances that accumulate on the surface of the hair
  • Prevents dry ends

All these effects are based on the essential vitamins and minerals contained in Veloide Hair ASAP hair oil.


Picla Design's domestic, cotton Hilla-hair wrap is the perfect companion for both swimming trips and bathroom, because:

  • Rubbing your hair dry with a regular bath towel can damage your hair cuticles. When damp, hair is particularly vulnerable to damage caused by friction. 
  • Rubbing can open the hair scales and make the hair look dull and frizzy. 
  • A towel wrapped around your head is not particularly comfortable and may not stay in place. The relaxing moment after a bath can easily turn into a headache. 
  •  Picla's super high-quality Hilla-hair wrap dries hair efficiently and gently. After showering/swimming, wrap your hair in a hair wrap and let it dry. The hair turban made of soft cotton saves from frizz and damage caused by rubbing. 
  • Hair wrap is light and comfortable to use 
  • A high-quality, handmade hair turban is beautiful and lasts a long time.

You can buy the hair care super duo here: (link)

Picla Design hair wrap and Veloiden Hair Asap oil can also be purchased separately:


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