Kaarnavilla's online store has been granted a Key Ticket!

Amazing things happened last month - the Kaarnavilla.fi online store was awarded a Key ticket!

So Kaarnavilla.fi is now officially a key-ticketed online store. The key flag reflects Finnishness. At Kaarnavilla, every product is made in Finland and our service is located in Finland.

At Kaarnavilla you can already find the products of more than 70 Finnish brands. Some of the products also have a key tag, but every product is manufactured in Finland anyway.

What does the Key Flag mean?

The key flag mark can be awarded in Finland for both products and services. A key ticket can only be granted if the product or service is manufactured in Finland or the product/service is at least 50 percent domestic. Kaarnavilla's domesticity rate is fully 100%, so we act as pioneers in this regard as well.

A key-certified online store must have a significant domestic ownership stake, management operating in Finland, and the company's head office must be in Finland. As far as Kaarnavilla is concerned, these all come true, because Kaarnavilla is managed from Turku, with the help of a fully Finnish-owned company.

(Finnish Labor Union, 2023.)


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