In skilled hands, wood bends into various forms - The story behind Olen loistava


Olen loistava, which was founded in 2019 is a manifestation of craftsmanship and creativity. Company founder Johannes bravely started to follow his passion for making things by hands and ended up creating a company that focuses on carefully crafted wooden products. Johannes' story is an inspiring proof of how self-taught talent can achieve great things, and there's not always a need to acquire requisite skills through traditional educational paths.  


The story of an entrepreneur

Johannes is an exceptional entrepreneur in many ways. His background is from a completely different field, but his love for craftsmanship won out. At first, woodworking was just a hobby, but it soon grew into a passion that led to the founding of a whole company. Self-taught Johannes is constantly increasing his skills and experience, and this is reflected in the quality and innovative design of the products.  


Diversity of products

Olen loistava is making a wide variety of wooden products in company's own workshop at Alppila, Helsinki, where the company's own brick-and-mortar shop also operates. The selection includes, among other things, earrings, accessories and home decoration products. In addition, the company's specialties include wooden bags and lamps, which have aroused a lot of interest and also astonishment.  

The uniqueness of the products arises from their precise finishing and high quality. Each product is carefully designed and executed, and the end result is something that stands out in the market. Full domesticity and high quality are the company's strong points - the customer can always trust that the products are made responsibly and with love.  

Ecological sustainability is one of Olen loistava's core values. Long-lasting products made from renewable natural materials are a better choice for both peoples well-being and for the environment.



Excellent customer service

Good customer service is one of the cornerstone of Olen loistava. The company has received numerous positive feedbacks, praising not only the quality of the products but also Johannes' personal and friendly customer service. The focus on customer satisfaction has been a big factor in the company's growth and good reputation.  


A look into the future

In the future Olen loistava, plans to expand its range, especially in bags and lighting. Johannes constantly envisions new and innovative products that bring joy and beauty to customers' everyday life. Expansion brings with it new challenges, but also opportunities to create something new and exciting.  


I'm a great bow tie and cufflinks in dark brown x Kaarna wool


Olen loistava is a good example of how dedication and love for making things by own hands can lead to success. Johannes has succeeded in creating a company that not only offers beautiful and practical products, but also inspires its customers to value domestic craftsmanship and quality. Stay tuned to see how this small but impressive company continues to grow and develop.  

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