Get to know Kaarnavilla's store with a virtual tour

Kaarnavilla's virtual space

A virtual tour introduces you to the store

Kaarnavilla's idyllic brick-and-mortar store, serving gift boutique, is located in Kupittaa in Turku. In Kaarnavilla's store you can find all the products of Kaarnavilla's online store, and in addition to live shopping, you can pick up online store orders free of charge from Kaarnavilla's store.

However, is Turku too far for you, and you can't stop by Kaarnavilla's home on our doorstep? No worries, because below you will find the virtual Kaarnavilla store created by Virtual Space.

So you can also get to know the feel of Kaarnavilla's gift shop with the help of the virtual tour below, which was created by the talented Virtual Space .

Click here for a virtual tour.

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