Less is more - Domestic design in one line


When hectic everyday life takes you by storm, it's liberating to stop for a moment, because even a little time to be aware of your own state of being brings your feet back to the ground and reduces stress levels. When looking at Tuuline Design's work, such a moment of respite comes almost spontaneously, as the eye automatically begins to follow the journey of the line from the beginning to the end.

The idea of ​​a line is simple, but through bends and intersecting roads a spectacular whole is created on the paper, such as a portrait of a person or a pet, a well-known urban site or a piece of nature. For the entrepreneur Soile, who grew up in the middle of nature, it is important that nature and its peace are reflected in the work also in other ways than in the choice of subjects. Through this, along with the poster prints, earrings and wall decorations made of domestic birch plywood were created, also generated with the single line technique.

Tuuliadesign bear family plywood card in Kaarnavilla's online store

So where did the idea of ​​one line come from?

Soile, the entrepreneur of Tuuline Design, got excited about drawing portraits in middle school. The play of light and shadow fascinated her, and by following them, more and more detailed face pictures were created on the paper. Little by little, as life progressed, everyday life began to become busier and drawing stopped completely for several years.

Helsinki airport with one line, Tuuline Design and Kaarnavia

When the corona virus hit Finland and the general work situation was unstable, Soile rediscovered her passion and decided to open an online store for her art. Inspired by a thesis she read during her studies, Soile started experimenting with the limits of one-line expression and became aware of the versatility of the technique. The entrepreneur describes the opportunity to recognizably describe things and people with just one line as rewarding.

Plywood board Tuuline Design, Kaarnavilla

" I love the single line technique, especially its simple versatility"


One line is enough to capture the best moments

Tuuline Design's mission is to illustrate life, creating harmony and peace. At the moment, her art is especially inspired by summer weddings and graduations, because it's always a pleasure to make emotional portraits of life's big moments!

A portrait is a great gift for, for example, a wedding couple, new parents or as birthday gift. All Tuuline Design products are designed and manufactured in Finland.

In the hands of Tuuline Design, one line is more multidimensional than you could have imagined. See all Tuuline Design products here


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