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Picla Grill Apron and Grill Mitten Set

Picla Grill Apron and Grill Mitten Set

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Picla grill apron and grill glove set for grilling

Are you or your friend a passionate griller, but the small pot holders are not enough to protect your hands and your clothes get dirty while grilling? We have the perfect solution for you! Picla's high-quality grill glove and grill apron make grilling safer, more comfortable and, of course, more stylish.

**Piclan Grill Glove**
Picla's thick and elongated domestic grill glove is designed to offer the best possible protection for your hands when grilling. Made of high-quality 100% cotton, the glove can withstand high temperatures. With a total length of approximately 40 cm, the glove protects your hands effectively, preventing burns to the arm and making grilling pleasant. This durable and long-lasting product is domestically handcrafted, which guarantees its top quality. Easy to keep clean: wash at 40 degrees without fabric softener and flat dry.

**Piclan Grill Apron**
Picla's thick and elongated grill apron effectively protects your clothes during grilling. The adjustable neck strap ensures a perfect fit for grillers of all sizes. Made of 100% cotton, the essu is durable and comfortable to wear. High-quality Finnish craftsmanship can be seen in every detail, making this apron a long-lasting and stylish part of your grilling equipment. Easy to wash: wash at 40 degrees without fabric softener and flat dry.

Make grilling a real pleasure with the Picla grill glove and grill apron set!

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