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Olen loistava

Maze brain puzzle

Maze brain puzzle

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Wooden brain-teasing puzzle Maze brain puzzle game made by Olen Loistava. Remove the pieces from the game platform and try to put everything back together on the platform. There is only one solution model.

If the puzzle seems too difficult, you can download an easier guide from the website of Olen Loistava.

The fastest ones can conquer the maze in less than 15 minutes, but even less than 30 minutes is a good performance. Can you do the same?

By choosing this product , you are also supporting domestic craftsmanship and sustainable development. The product is made in Finland from local materials, so you can be sure of its quality and origin.

Since wood is a living material, the product may have slight deviations in appearance from the image.

Finnish birch

148 x 148 x 6 mm

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