Domestic quality for your pet from Kaarnavilla!


We have listened to our customers' wishes and now we are happy to announce that Kaarnavilla's selection is expanding to include pets as well! Yes, you read that right - now you can pamper your furry friend with domestic, high-quality handmade products.

Like you, your pet also deserves only the best, and that's why we have selected only products that meet Kaarnavilla's values, i.e. high-quality, domestic and good-looking products.

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Restful sleep for your pet

BestBuddy's Pilvilinna fluffy bed offers a peaceful moment of rest for your pet. Made in Finland, the bed is carefully designed with details that maximize the pet's sense of security and features that prevent dirt. A stylish fluffy bed also looks nice and is available in many sizes and colors.

Bestbuddy pet bed x Kaarnavilla

Safe and activating toys

Play is important part of pet's well-being and it is crucial that the toys are both activating and safe to use.

VILLage PAW is a durable and silent dog toy made of Finnish sheep's wool. The wool ball offers your dog a safe, microplastic-free playtime while you focus on the remote meeting. The soft, but sturdy ball does not damage the surfaces of the home, and the color doesn't bleed.

Woolcare dog ball x Kaarna wool

Picla Design's Vainu activation toy challenges the senses and offers your dog fun entertainment even when he is alone. The basket-like toy works like a snuffbox and is carefully handcrafted.

dog snuff basket / snuff toy

The Picla Design Vallu pull toy, on the other hand, is the number one for playing together and it also works well as a dog training toy. 

Vallu pull toy for dogs

Different species have different needs, and we haven't forgotten the little house tigers. The Piclan Ralle scratching pad saves the surfaces of your home from the destructive power of sharp nails. The cotton pad can be placed on the armrest of a sofa or an armchair, for example.

Ralle scratching platform for cats

The Octopus activation toy from Picla amuses both you and your cat and gives your pet the thrill of the chase. The length of the string is adjustable, as long as you wrap it around the stick or leave it free.

cat toy octopus made in Finland

Don't forget to take Picla's Kamu plastic bag pocket with you when going on a walk. Kamu pocket is designed for storing poop bags. The funny chew bone-shaped plastic bag pocket has a carabiner lock, which allows you to conveniently attach it to a belt.

Immortalize your pet's portrait the way you want

You can beautify your home or workplace desk with art which main star is your pet. You can choose an elegant one-line portrait, a fine engraved board portait, or a beautiful wood printed art. Portraits are a wonderful addition to the interior and a beautiful way to preserve memories. 


Do you think there is something missing from Kaarnavilla's selection? Please send us feedback, we'd love to hear from you! 

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