Many good reasons to celebrate and many wonderful gift ideas

There are many good reasons to celebrate during spring and summer.

Mother's Day is almost here and later we can get in the mood of graduations, weddings, midsummer, christening parties and what not. Summer and holidays alone are reason enough to celebrate.

Do you want to delight someone with pearls of domestic craftsmanship? Kaarnavilla has a lot of products that are suitable as gifts, and in this blog post some of them have been collected with an eye on summer expenses. 

Below the pictures you will find direct links to the products!


Gift ideas for Mother's Day

There is still time to order all kinds of nice things for Mother's Day, but be quick so that the package arrives on time!


Calligraphy Kaarel "It's lucky that you are my mother's card with a seal

Savi-Seppo's unique ceramic bowls

Masuste Elina earrings

Kaarnavala gift package for mother, goodies and beautiful words


Gifts for the baby

Would you like to give cute cotton socks or a versatile diaper cake?

Picla Design baby cotton socks

Calligraphy Kaarel "Welcome to the world small" card with seal

Kaarnavilla Teddy Bear Ballerina Diaper Cake

Kaarnavilla Koala-diaper cake


Gift ideas for a teacher or an adult in a kindergarten

Remember the teacher and the kindergarten staff with a small gift.

Kaarnavala gift package for a educator, a treat and nice words

A collection of key chains made of wooden beads

Saima Visuals Thank you gift, perennial flower and card

Kaarnavilla Kynttilä gift package, including 2 candles and a postcard


Gifts for graduates

It's almost time to celebrate those graduating from their studies. Kaarnavilla has many kinds of cards and nice gifts, from which you can choose the right one.


Kaarnavilla Student postcard

Puuhala Design card for graduates

Helykoru Earcuff earring

Laplay/HeiDidi lap level


Gifts for the wedding couple

Summer is the most popular time to get married. Remember the wedding couple with high-quality domestic products.

Kaarnavilla gift card with the amount of your choice

NystadSauna Forest bath gift box

Calligraphy Kaarel "Congratulations for the wedding couple" card with seal

Keltainen Design Waffle bathrobe

Furnished leather cutlery set


Cabin fires

With these gifts, you ensure that the invitation to the cottage will come next summer as well

Sydänlangat tar elf

Savi-Seppo ceramic sauna meter, unique

Sydänlangat Chocolate cookie making kit

Picla Design DIY Minimacrame


As a gift

Congratulate the person who made it to the top with a beautiful card and a sweet gift

Helle Visuals "Happy Confession day" card

Sydänlangat Gourmet cocoa bag

Mäkiniityn Tarja Oy Basic bow tie, deerskin

Sirokoru Sailor's knot pendant

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