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TMI Milja Niva

100 steps to a simple life book

100 steps to a simple life book

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What would an everyday life look like that you don't long to go on holiday from? 

Milja Niva promises to guide the reader through a hundred concrete steps towards a life that looks like itself, from which unnecessary stress and focus on performance have been removed.

Niva, who works as a professional organizer and coach, draws lessons from her work as well as her personal life experience in the book. The book discusses, among other things, commodity work, time use, minimalism and spiritual growth.

-You have to give up things that don't serve you. You have to make less compromises. You have to say "no" to things more often - and on the other hand, you also have to say "yes" to things instead of saying you don't need to make that coffee for me

The book is printed in Finland on high-quality paper.

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