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Adeliina curling set, 3 parts, 100% linen

Adeliina curling set, 3 parts, 100% linen

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Beautiful and durable curls or waves without damaging the hair - now there's luxury for your hair!

Picla's collection has just been completed with the clever Adeliina curling set, which can be used even while sleeping without affecting your beauty sleep. A perfect combination, for example, in addition to Hair ASAP, i.e. Veloide's hit product, for pampering your hair!

Focus on other things and the curls will be born almost as if by themselves without heat treatment that wears out the hair. The set includes one long curling iron and two linen hair donuts.


1 . Divide the hair evenly on both sides of the head .
2. Place the center of the bar on the top of the head.
3. Wrap the hair around the stick one side at a time and finally secure the ends with the hair donut that comes with the set, or tie the ends of the stick behind the head with the cotton bands attached to the stick
 4. Let it work and the curls will be born almost as if by themselves.
You can enhance the effect by spraying a styling product on your hair before use! Can be used on slightly damp but not wet hair.
  • Material : Main fabric 100% linen, polyester filling inside.

  • Size : the length of the curling iron is about 90 cm. 
  • Care instructions : Wash at 40 degrees, do not tumble dry

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