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Bee's wrap (various sizes)

Bee's wrap (various sizes)

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Nieko's domestic beeswax wraps are here!

Bee's Wraps are environmentally friendly and organic alternatives to plastic film and foil for food storage. Nieko bee's Wraps are made of unbleached cotton and waxed in Finland. The product meets the requirements for food contact materials.

Available in three different sizes.


  1. Wrap bread, cheese, vegetables in a beeswax wrapper or use it as a bowl cover.
  2. Use the warmth of your hands to soften the cloth
  3. Wrap tightly around the product to be stored.
  4. The wrap keeps its shape when cool.
  5. Wash with cool water after use. The use of hot water is prohibited, so that the beeswax does not melt from the wrapper.
  6. When used correctly, beeswax wraps last a long time. The used wrapper can be composted.

Material :
100% unbleached cotton fabric

Manufacturer :
Mesila father&son ay, Niinikoski.

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