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Näre Cosmetics

Deodorant stick, 70g (different scents)

Deodorant stick, 70g (different scents)

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Näre Cosmetics' high-quality and Finnish natural cosmetics stick deodorant in a cardboard package. A product that can be applied softly and conveniently directly from the package. The package is reclosable. This product contains the new raw material zinc ricinoleate, which neutralizes odors extremely effectively.

The scents are cheerful Mint & Eucalyptus, floral Rose and serene Fresh Forest.

Note! The product is an Outlet product because the product's experimental Best Before date may have passed. However, the product has not become old, and is fully usable.

Please note that deodorant containing vegetable waxes and butters may stain clothes a little - especially light, very thin cotton. Tip: wash the garment often.

Tear off the side flaps so the package doesn't scratch your armpits. First open the package from the lid flap. Only break the dotted lines if the bottom of the piece threatens to be too low when the piece is almost finished.

Potato flour, coconut fat, coconut wax, candelilla wax, soda, kaolin clay, zinc ricinoleate, vitamin e

Essential oils:
Mint & Eucalyptus: peppermint, eucalyptus and tea tree. (Allergen: Limonene, Linalool, Geraniol)

Fresh Forest: pine, juniper, tea tree and cedar (Allergen: L inalool and Limonene)

Rose: rose extract in jojoba oil, palmarosa essential oil, Tahitian Gardenia extract. (Allergen: geraniol , Linalool, Citral, Limonene)

Contains baking soda (an effective odor remover, but causes a burning sensation for some).

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