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DIY Macrame Keychains, DIY Kit (Various Colors)

DIY Macrame Keychains, DIY Kit (Various Colors)

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Would you like to learn a new skill? Or would you like to give something you made yourself as a gift? Maybe you know someone who would be happy with a DIY gift?

Picla Design's DIY packages, which include materials and instructions, are suitable for this purpose. With this DIY package, you can make two Macrame keychains and the instructions will stay with you, so you can make more keychains later! The DIY Macrame package is easy to send to a friend as a cheer up!


A macrame key chain is an accessory knotted from Finnish recycled cotton, which can be used as a bag decoration, for example, in addition to being kept as a key chain. The key rings made from the DIY package have a total size of about 5 x 7 cm.

You can find several different color options in the DIY packages: For example, the Light Gray-Dark Gray color model means that the package includes materials for both light gray and dark gray keychains. You can find the color options in the product images.

Material and product information:

In addition to the instructions, the package contains the materials for two key chains, i.e. a total of about 3 meters of fabric and two metal clips.
Keychain material: Finnish recycled cotton. Metal part recycled.

Copying and commercial use of the instructions is strictly prohibited.

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