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DIY Minimacrame, DIY kit (various colors)

DIY Minimacrame, DIY kit (various colors)

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Would you like to learn a new skill? Or would you like to give something you made yourself as a gift? Maybe you know someone who would be happy with a DIY gift?

Picla Design's DIY packages, which include materials and instructions, are suitable for this purpose. With this DIY package, you can create a wonderful bohemian detail for your home - Minimacramen!
The instructions will stay with you, so you can make more macrame later. The DIY Macrame package is easy to send to a friend as a cheer up!


Macrame is a wall decoration knotted from Finnish recycled cotton. The Minimacram made from the DIY package measures approximately 9 x 18 cm in total.

You can find several different color options in the DIY packages. You can find the color options in the product images.

Material and product information:

In addition to the instructions, the package contains the material for one Minimacrame, i.e. a total of about 9 meters of Finnish recycled cotton fabric and about a 10 cm wooden stick. Contrary to the first impression, the included stick is made of light wood.

Copying and commercial use of the instructions is strictly prohibited.

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