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Mäkiniityn Tarja Oy

Headband, deerskin (various colors and widths)

Headband, deerskin (various colors and widths)

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Mäkiniity's headbands are made of high-quality and wonderfully soft Finnish deerskin. The headband is smooth and does not weigh behind the ears.

The headband is available in both wide and narrow sizes. The widest part of the wide headband is 4.5 cm and the narrowest part is 2.5 cm.

  • Size: The headbands are aimed at adults and the size is best suited for heads less than 58cm wide.

The height of the thinner collar is approx. 15cm and the wider one is approx. 14cm

  • Material: Finnish deerskin. The leathers used in the products are manufactured with sustainable development and environmental responsibility in mind
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