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Sauna scent, gift box

Sauna scent, gift box

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Delight your friend with NystadSauna's Sauna scent gift box! The gift packages are light and easy to send as a gift by mail as a letter.

The smell of birch is traditionally part of the Finnish sauna experience. NystadSauna's birch-based sauna aromas smell like real birch whisk. Its advantage compared to a birch whisk is that you don't have to clean loose leaves from the sauna after use.

The gift box contains three different scented sachets Birch, Birch & Peppermint, Birch & Lavender.

Tip: After use, carefully squeeze the bag dry and store it near the bathroom. There is enough fragrance from the bag for a second time as well!

Contains: 100% natural Finnish birch leaf grits

Note! The product is not suitable for white stoves and stove stones. Please read the user manual before use.

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