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Peecaboo Design

Teddy bear soft toy (various colors)

Teddy bear soft toy (various colors)

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Peecaboo Design's adorable Teddy bear soft toys with different colored overalls. The teddy bear is a friend that suits everyone.

Each teddy bear is handmade from start to finish in our own sewing studio in Akaa. Since each teddy is made individually, there may be slight differences between the products. Wonderfully unique!

Washing instructions:
If the product gets dirty, you can first try to clean the product by wiping the surface of the teddy bear or, if necessary, hand wash the teddy bear.
If the product breaks, please take it out of use immediately.

Only new materials were used in the product. The teddy bear is 100% cotton and the overalls are 100% linen. Filled with cotton wool.

The height of the teddy is about 36 cm.

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