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Norppa pendant, eco-silver

Norppa pendant, eco-silver

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It would be hard to imagine a jewelry series inspired by the Baltic Sea region without its adorable resident, the norppa. This nature's own round cutie brings joy to everyone in a from of a necklace. The pendant made by Sirokoru comes with a 50 cm long silver chain.

Part of the proceeds from the EcoAct silver jewellery will go to the John Nurminen Foundation, whose work in the Baltic Sea region protects, among other things, the living conditions of norppa. 

  • Material: The Baltic Sea jewelry is made of EcoAct silver with a higher concentration than usual, which is Sirokoru's own silver alloy, ecological, recycled silver refined to an almost fine silver concentration. No harmful substances are used in the production, and the process does not cause any emissions into nature. EcoAct silver also retains its brightness better than ordinary silver.
  • Dimensions: 32 x 20 mm


  • Weight: 3 g

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