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Haiku Kids

Laundry bag (various patterns and sizes)

Laundry bag (various patterns and sizes)

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This laundry bag made by Haiku Kids is the perfect help for families with children! A laundry bag is a waterproof bag, for example, laundry, diapers or swimming trunks. So you can use the bag as a diaper bag and a swimming bag in addition to a laundry bag!

The laundry bags have several different designs, from which you can choose the most suitable one for your family. In addition, laundry bags are available in two different sizes - large and small.


Large: about 28x30cm

Small: about 21x24cm

Features :

A laundry bag can be used, for example, in a kindergarten, so that there is no need to pack laundry in a plastic bag. It fits into a small space, so it can also be carried in a nursing bag. Also suitable for dirty nappies or swim trunks.

The bag is easy to throw into the washing machine when it's dirty, and it holds up well from wash to wash. The bag has a hanging loop, with which you can, for example, hang it on a coat rack.

Material 100% polyester

Machine wash at 40 degrees.

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