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Saima Visuals

Tulip birch plywood, different colors

Tulip birch plywood, different colors

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The charming tulip is Finland's most popular cut flower, and no wonder.

The birch plywood version of Saima Visuals allows us to enjoy the beauty of tulips carefree all year round. 

A plywood tulip is an effortless decoration that will delight for a long time, for example, on a cottage or a boat. This is a nice gift idea for all occasions.

Tulips are available in three shades: lavender, pink and yellow. The flowers are also shaped slightly differently depending on the stage of the bud. The lavender-colored tulip is the most on the bud, and due to its design, it is placed in the most upright position. Pink is more open and therefore slightly tilted. Yellow is the most open and the most inclined.

  • Dimensions: Height approx. 25cm
  • Material: Manufactured and designed in Finland, domestic birch plywood as material
  • Care instructions: Excessive sunlight may fade the colors. Avoid scrubbing and chemicals. If necessary, clean with a dry cloth, wiping lightly.
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