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Baby cleaning wipes, 5 pcs/box

Baby cleaning wipes, 5 pcs/box

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A cleaning towel made by Nieko, reusable for baby care, which is also suitable for cleaning the skin as a long-lasting towel for adults.

Soft, round cleaning wipes are a gentle way to clean your baby's sensitive skin. Moisten with warm water and clean the baby's skin and folds. You can take a bigger towel to help with bathing.

Cleaning wipes are double-sided. The set contains 3 towels, diameter 16cm and 2 towels, diameter 18cm.

The towels are gentle, absorbent, antibacterial and do not contain artificial fibers.


Bamboo fleece: 70% bamboo, 30% organic cotton (made in Finland)

Bamboo terry: 60% cotton, 40% bamboo

Flannel: 100% cotton

Washing instructions:

Wash at 60 degrees.

Rinse when damp, it is not recommended to use fabric softener.

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