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Woolpops dryer balls 3pcs/pack (various colors)

Woolpops dryer balls 3pcs/pack (various colors)

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These Woolpops dryer balls from Woolcare soften your laundry and speed up drying. Woolpops dryer balls are 100% Finnish sheep's wool from South Ostrobothnia.

The ecological Woolpops dryer balls last for hundreds of uses. There are three Woolpops balls in the pack and they come in a cotton bag. The balls are about the size of a tennis ball.

Benefits of use :

  • reduce wrinkles and electricity
  • extend the life of clothes
  • save electricity by reducing drying time by around 20–25%
  • a natural alternative to fabric softeners

Instructions for use :

  1. Place the Woolpops dryer balls with the laundry in the dryer. The Woolpops dryer balls begin their silent work by bouncing through the laundry and making it airy. The laundry in the airy dryer wrinkles less, the static electricity of the artificial fibers decreases and the drying of the laundry becomes more efficient. Drying time is reduced by 20–25%.
  2. Store Woolpops drying balls in an airy place to allow moisture to evaporate.
  3. Woolpops balls are an excellent option for drying down jackets. The balls separate the down from each other and the result is a fluffy down jacket.
  4. If you want your favorite scent in your laundry, put a few drops of essential oil into the Woolpops drying balls, let it soak in for a while and put the balls in the dryer.
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